Producer guidelines

The following Bell Media properties are accepting proposals for original programming. Learn more about the pitch process and what each channel is looking for.

Discovery Channel Canada allows viewers to experience the extraordinary side of life and fuels their curiosity with seriously fun and smart entertainment.

  • We look for projects with an inventive approach or unique visuals.

    We are looking for:    

    • Specials, and long running series that feature relatable, and aspirational characters from unique and diverse backgrounds. 
    • Stories that are compelling as well as authentic, with high stakes and surprising takeaway. 

    Think trailblazing content that is bold and provocative that can inspire and engage viewers in Discovery’s core genres:

    1. Epic Jobs: Highway Thru Hell, Heavy Rescue:401, Gold Rush, Deadliest Catch, Homestead Rescue
    2. Subculture:  Alaskan Bush People, Moonshiners, Alaska The last Frontier
    3. Mystery / investigation: Disasters at Sea, Expedition Unknown, Egypt’s Unexplained
    4. Automotive:  Diesel Brothers, Bitchin Rides, Bad Chad
    5. Competition: Battlebots, Master Distiller
    6. Big, International, Special Event Documentaries:  Make It To The Moon, Building Star Trek, Cleared For Chaos

    We are accomplished at working with international formats and adapting them for the Discovery audience.  We also take an active role in creating original formats.

  • Our typical viewer is male between 18 and 54 years old. Our viewer comes to Discovery Canada seeking knowledge, insight and elevated escapism. Discovery viewers live vicariously through our programming by participating in extraordinary experiences they may not have in their everyday lives.

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