Producer guidelines

The following Bell Media properties are accepting proposals for original programming. Learn more about the pitch process and what each channel is looking for.

CTV Sci-Fi Producer Guidelines

This guide is designed for independent producers who want to pitch ideas to CTV Sci-Fi.

  • CTV Sci-Fi is home to phenomenal programming including imaginative dramas, all in high definition. We are always on the lookout for strong serialized and episodic genre storytelling driven by an immersive world, with fully realized and highly engaging characters.

    Our key demographic is adults (aged 18-54), so we’re unfortunately not interested in programs aimed at children or youth audiences. We’re also not currently in the market for feature-length films or MOWs for the channel.

    Qualify as Canadian Content under CRTC regulations
    OR Qualify as a Canadian treaty co-production or co-venture

    Please include a signed Bell Media Submission Form with each of your submissions.

    View information on submitting a Scripted Series Document

    If you would like to submit your completed project to CTV Life for acquisition consideration, please email our Acquisition Team.

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