Optimize your results with precision targeting and actionable insights

Reach the right audiences with access to unmatched data sets combined with worldwide cross-marketplace advertising inventory.

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Access market-leading analytics

Leverage our geographical insights, heat map capabilities, and interactive dashboards for an in-depth understanding of Canadian consumers and pinpoint actionable touchpoints based on near real-time behaviour.

Make smarter, data driven decisions

Access unparalleled data insights and reach your target audiences using Bell’s First Party Data and Third Party Data, including Environics Analytics – available in the Bell Marketing Platform or by connecting to ENVISION.

Leverage thousands of actionable data points on demographics, consumer spending, behaviours, and preferences to ensure that you reach the right audiences with the right message, every time. 

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Largest source of Canadian data powered by Bell

Elevate your campaign with Bell’s premium First Party Data that’s fueled by +22 million customer connections spanning more than +8 million Canadian households. Our data is derived from near real-time app and web usage, as well as TV consumption data, including programs, channels, and viewed ad campaigns.

Bring your own data 

Unlock the power of data collaboration, by combining your proprietary First Party Data with our comprehensive Bell Analytics to build custom audiences tailored to your marketing campaigns. 

For further audience analysis and insights, leverage the EAVault Clean Room for a Canada-first, secure data blending environment.

Easily customize your audiences

Access rich, powerful, real-time data based on audience behaviour and demographics, uncover trends and audience attributes instantaneously.

Solutions with privacy at its core 

Bell solutions are designed to adapt easily and quickly. 

  • Bell First Party Data relies on consent. 
  • All Bell Marketing Platform solutions respect and protect user privacy.
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Unmatched data sets for precision targeting

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