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Guide to Bell Media Services

Last updated on: September 21, 2023.

I. Description of Services

Platform: Bell Analytics is Bell Media’s insights and measurement Platform (the “Bell Analytics Platform”). The Bell Analytics Platform uses Bell Media’s first party data and can create audience segmentation for analysis, activation and attribution measurement for our valued Marketing Platform customers in a self-serve web interface.

Bell Analytics is a data visualization and analytics platform that is:

  • Backed by Bell First Party Media and Telecom data
  • Processing billions of records per day to provide fresh and timely insights
  • Fully aggregated and de-identified for privacy
  • Projected geographically to applicable Canadian adult population to display insights

Overview of the Solution Capabilities:

Functional Benefits for the Advertiser:

  • Heat map home/work location of key customer profiles
  • Identify top websites and apps used by key customer profiles
  • Identify groups with specific interests or engagement
  • Location and event analysis

Process Benefits for the Advertiser:

  • Access information beyond what your business can collect
  • Test assumptions about market
  • Pull insights from trillions of data points

Help Advertisers when Problem Solving:

  • Trade area surveys
  • Location-based profiling information
  • Online audience/interest profiling
  • Mall and neighborhood analysis
  • Tourism and event analytics

Customers usage tool:

  • Identify competitors and map critical markets for the target demographic
  • Optimize marketing spend for out of home, digital, or admail
  • Determine the right product mix based on location & demographic
  • Assess event attendance and approach future sponsors

II. Client Access & Client’s Affiliate Access

The Customer covenants and agrees that the Customer, its Affiliates, and their respective employees, licensors, agents, subcontractors, Clients, and third party providers and suppliers will at all times: comply with all applicable self-regulatory policies and guidelines applicable to the Customer’s use of the Bell Analytics Platform, and protect the Bell Analytics Platform from misappropriation.

The Customer further covenants and agrees that the Customer, its Affiliates, and their respective employees, licensors, agents, subcontractors, Clients, and third party providers and suppliers will not, will not attempt to, and will not assist or knowingly permit any third party to, unless expressly agreed to in writing by Bell Media:

  • use any data accessed on the Bell Analytics Platform (“BA Data”) in any sharing arrangement, or resell, rent, lease, or sublicense the BA Data to any third party;
  • disclose any of the BA Data (whether aggregated or otherwise) to any third party or use any of the BA Data for purposes of creating user or inventory profiles, segments, or interest categories;
  • misappropriate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, reproduce, steal, modify, damage, translate, enhance, or create derivative works of any BA Data;
  • make any representations, warranties, or guarantees concerning the BA Data; (v) provide reports to any third parties on a paid or unpaid basis about the BA Data (including the volume and prices of data) for any other purposes other than generating advertiser demand for the BA Data, or providing reporting of the Customer’s BA Data usage on behalf of a Client to such Client; and
  • unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties, directly utilize any BA Data through the Services other than through the Bell Analytics Platform and for the Bell Analytics Platform rates charged.

For clarity, certain BA Data is subject to additional terms and conditions as specifically set forth in the Service Policies, which the Customer will find upon logging into the Bell Analytics Platform for the first time, and use of such BA Data constitutes acceptance of the relevant additional terms and conditions. In the event there is a modification or amendment to any of the Service Policies, the Customer will be notified of this upon subsequently logging into the Bell Analytics Platform.

Additionally, the Customer shall not, and shall cause its employees, licensors, agents, subcontractors, Clients, third party providers and suppliers, Affiliates and any other third party to not sell any reports created from BA Data or from the Bell Analytics Platform to any person that directly or indirectly operates in competition with Bell Media, including, without limitation, Rogers Communications Inc., TELUS Communications Inc., Vidéotron Ltée, WIND Mobile, Mobilicity, Public Mobile Inc., any of the foregoing entities’ Affiliates or subsidiaries, or any other person or entity that offers similar telecommunication or broadcasting services.

III. Bell Attribution Insights

Bell Attribution Insights (“Bell Attribution Insights”) is a self-serve web interface part of Bell Analytics suite of planning, measurement and campaign activation tools. Bell Attribution Insights allows our valued Marketing Platform customers to analyze the performance of their SAM and Bell DSP campaigns, uncover consumer insights from exposure to conversion and activate audiences built with Bell’s unique first party data insights.

Bell Attribution Insights is a measurement, analytics and activation interface that is:

  • Interconnected with SAM and Bell DSP advertising platforms
  • Powered by a wide combination of data sets
  • Backed by Bell First Party Media and Telecom data
  • Fully aggregated and de-identified for privacy
  • Leveraging Environics Analytics insights

Customers usage tool:

  • Assess campaign’s KPIs at a glance
  • Analyze campaign’s delivery and impact through interactive graphs and execution breakdowns
  • Discover a campaign’s most efficient execution parameters in terms of reach and conversions
  • Uncover exclusive insights on campaign’s exposed audience

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