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Street furniture advertising

Connect with communities right where they work, play and shop.

Become part of the urban landscape with street furniture advertising

The street is where friends meet, and where brands come to life. The street is the pulse of the city, and brings communities together. The street is where Astral connects your brand to the population, ensuring it is  seen by the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

Our premium selection of street furniture includes columns, bus shelter ads, bike-sharing services and more. Let us help you get the most from your outdoor advertising campaign.

  • Astral board attached to a Bikeshare station, featuring an RTC ad, beside a government building
  • Astral board attached to a Bikeshare station, featuring an Archibald ad
  • Astral board attached to a Bikeshare station, featuring a Nespresso ad, in Yonge-Dundas Square
Ontario, Québec

Bike-sharing services

As the ultimate proximity media, Toronto and Quebec City bike-sharing services offer multiple touch points in key areas. Multiple advertising faces in the heart of the busiest areas of both cities!

Two bike-sharing services including the 2nd largest network in North America.

Bikeshare Toronto’s 401 stations are located downtown and in the suburbs in areas such as Yorkville, LGBTQ Village, University of Toronto, Yonge/Dundas, the financial and entertainment district and more! À Vélo Québec offers 30 100% electric bike-sharing stations with additional advertising space near the Gare du Palais, in the St-Roch district and in Limoilou.

  • Astral info board featuring a Calvin Klein ad in front of Toronto's Eatons Centre
  • Long exposure photo at night of an Astral info board featuring an ad for Prada
  • Long exposure photo of an Astral info boards featuring a Mont Blanc ad

Signature columns advertising

Located in Toronto’s most affluent financial, fashion and entertainment districts, Astral’s signature columns give advertisers direct access to high-value customers.

Assert your presence in the most sought-after areas of Toronto’s urban core.

Positioned at an optimal distance from the street, these sleek and modern columns are clearly visible to both pedestrians and motorists.

  • Astral street column in a concrete park at night
  • Astral street column alongside a busy street featuring a dessert ad
  • Astral street column alongside a busy street at night featuring a Michelob Ultra ad

Street columns advertising

With more than 700 advertising faces in central Montreal, Astral’s street columns are the perfect way to reach your customers in the heart of downtown.

Captivate consumers with this eye-catching classic format.

Our backlit columns are located at the city’s busiest intersections, facing a high level of car and pedestrian traffic both day and night. They are just inches away from the street, ensuring maximum visibility. Available in both digital and static versions, this format will help you capture consumers’ attention around the clock .

  • Astral street column in front of a building featuring a VW ad
  • Astral mega street column featuring a Tiffany&Co. ad alongside a busy street
  • Astral street column alongside a busy street featuring a DKNY ad

MegaColumns advertising

With a striking design that says modern elegance, the MegaColumn provides optimal coverage and is highly visible to motorists and pedestrians.

Make a big statement, with a display that’s designed to get noticed.

Our columns are located between Atwater, Sherbrooke, St-Denis and De Maisonneuve streets, near prime downtown locations in Montreal. Inspired by the streets of Paris, the MegaColumns stand 18 feet tall and offer an unparalleled presence where it matters most.

  • Astral transit shelter featuring a Subaru ad in Quebec
  • Long exposure photo of an Astral transit shelter featuring a CTV ad at night
  • Astral transit shelter featuring a Moosehead ad at night
Ontario, Québec

Transit shelter advertising

Astral’s bus stop advertising network targets Torontonians and Quebecers on the move, while they are on their way to work, shopping or entertainment—a key point in the purchase process. Take advantage of the chance to be seen by the mass numbers of Canadians who use public transit each day.

Reach your audience around the clock, wherever they are.

Our static bus shelter advertising faces are backlit for maximum impact, and dynamic digital faces are also available, to capture even more attention.

Need help executing your dream project? Our services can help you develop the perfect campaign.

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