Fueling brand possibilities

Reach your customers on the go with Astral, Canada’s most innovative out-of-home advertising network.

Astral board at Exhibition Place featuring a VIA Rail ad with the CN Tower in the background

Strategically located out-of-home advertising faces

Astral’s outdoor and indoor advertising network offers a national footprint from coast to coast. From morning commutes to nights out on the town, your billboards, posters, and displays will reach your customers where they are.

Presence in 20 of Canada’s largest cities and 5 major airports.

Astral transit shelter featuring a Converse ad and rainbow-tinted glass

Advantages of out-of-home advertising with Astral

  • Unparalleled impact
  • Influence your customers’ purchase decisions
  • Measure your results
  • Paired with mobile it increases frequency with an actionable touch point
  • Astral campaign – Takis brandscape
  • Astral campaign – Ikea street furniture
  • Astral campaign – Designated Survivor street furniture

Astral Studio

Fueled by innovation, Astral Studio redefines out-of-home advertising. Merging data-driven creativity with immersive experiences and striking 3D digital displays, we deliver best-in-class solutions to elevate and drive your brand forward.


Need help executing your dream project? Our services can help you develop the perfect campaign.

Long exposure photo of a directory pole and an Astral ad for Prada

Commitment to quality

Our promise

We are determined to maintain an out-of-home advertising network of the highest quality. This means providing a guarantee that you can rely on. 

Our commitment

We are committed to repairing all minor damages to our network’s faces within a 48-hour period following notification. Just let us know, and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

We are standing by for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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