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Get your message seen and heard by our online audience, on the device of their choice.  Bell Media’s premium content drives ad engagement and completion, and we deliver more impressions than any other publisher in Canada.

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What is video advertising?

Video advertising is an exciting full motion format that captures the attention of Bell Media viewers. At Bell Media, our video assets allow you to easily reach your target audience. With non-skippable formats and impressive completion rates, we offer the perfect platform for online video advertising in Canada. Our innovative, high-impact video will take your campaign to the next level.

Number 1 Top Canadian video publisher
68 million monthly video streams

Source: Comscore, Triton, Q2 2023

Video advertising metrics

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In-view and completion rate

Bell Media’s video viewability and completion rates show  the full value of video advertising.

Video hours

Nearly one out of every three minutes spent with ad-supported premium video from a Canadian publisher is viewed on Bell Media.

Video advertising formats

Advertising media platforms

Tools and specifications

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