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Reach your ideal audience right where they are, through geolocation targeting. Bell Media’s GeoMobile technology leverages geographic data for insights, targeting, and offline measurement.

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What is Bell Media GeoMobile?

Bell Media is excited to present its new geo-targeting solution that provides powerful data for mobile advertising, offering unique insights that are not available with other strategies. 


1.8 billion of data collected each day
200 million device matches in North America
18 million mobile devices in Canada
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By utilizing the live location data of your potential customers, we are able to:

  • Increase the effectiveness of the ads we serve
  • Target mobile users in specific geographic locations, or by behaviours
  • Target competitors’ locations
  • Retarget customers who visit or commute through a targeted location
  • Provide more accurate data on your audience, post-campaign

Mobile data sources

We leverage three key sources of data to better understand both historical and live location information: Bid Stream, App Software Development Kit and Beacon. This allows us to efficiently build and deliver either broad or granular audiences, depending on the needs of each campaign.

GeoMobile key features

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Historical location-based targeting

Location behaviours define your audience. With historical location-based targeting, you can use data captured at the location to inform your decisions. We can behaviourally target consumers who have attended events in the past as part of your campaign strategy.

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Offline attribution

Verified walk-in: Report on the number of devices that saw your ad, and in turn physically entered the point-of-purchase location. We see this data in real-time, and are able to optimize the campaign against store visits.

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Lift Studies

Lift studies enable you to understand the relevant lift (impact) of your campaign on store traffic across multiple variables, providing you with a real-time understanding of your return on investment.

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LABS reporting (Location Audience Behavioural Science)

With LABS reporting, we will provide you with a better understanding of your audience by leveraging location data to report on your audience’s brand affinities, lifestyle and demographics.

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Mobile/OOH integration and attribution

Combining your out-of-home and mobile campaigns extends the message for both forms of media at key places and times, driving the probability of consumer engagement with your brand.

Advertising media platforms

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Bell Media GeoMobile advertising specifications

Please contact your Bell Media sales rep for GeoMobile specifications.

Tools and specifications

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