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Advertising online is key to connecting with today’s consumers. Bell Media offers market-leading digital assets, including brand websites, digital apps and platforms providing high visibility in a brand-safe, premium digital environment.

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Delivering audiences and driving business results

Bell Media provides market-leading digital programming across news, sports and entertainment verticals. We deliver premium content from Canada’s most recognized media brands, keeping users engaged and your ads highly visible to your customers. Plus, our in-view rates are above industry benchmarks, giving you unbeatable opportunities to increase your impact. Our digital advertising is highly effective both nationally and locally, giving you the ability to geo-target customers in your specific markets.

548 million total pages viewed monthly, 3.2 million daily visitors and 75% of online Canadians reached.

Source : Adobe Analytics, mParticle, Comscore, Q2 2023

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Why partner with Bell Media for digital advertising?

  • Custom formats and branded integrations in our content
  • Unparalleled video assets
  • Top-tier targeting
  • Stellar video completion and viewability rates
  • Fraud-free, brand-safe environment

Brand websites, digital apps and platforms

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Bell Marketing Platform brings together scalable audience, comprehensive reach, and actionable insights in an easy-to-use self-serve platform for more efficient marketing

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